Wal-Mart issues New Policy for Abortifacients

Dallas, TX – 1 July 2022 AD

Exclusive to PFLI E-News

National box store chain Wal-Mart has issued a new policy regarding the handling and distribution of abortifacient drugs and devices, PFLI E-News has learned in an exclusive release by sources close to the chain.

The memo, issued to all Wal Mart pharmacies in Texas on 25 June 2022, indicates the chain prefers to keep the policy unpublicized, possibly owing the series of violent attacks and firebombs by abportoholic fanatics in the past few months, leading up to the reversal of several court decisions by The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) on 24 June.

The decisions reversed—Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton (1973) as well as Casey v Planned Parenthood (1992) unconstitutionally wiped out all laws controlling abortion—chiefly surgical types—in the US for all nine months of pregnancy. Several extemist states had recently proposed allowing abortions i.e. infanticide for up to 28 days AFTER birth. These included NY, CA, IL and MD.

As of the new Jackson decision by SCOTUS last week, it merely reverted control of abortion to the various states. It did not outlaw abortion as falsely claimed without proof by abortoholic fanatics.

And suddenly, the left figured out how to define the term “woman”, virtually overnight.

A screenshot of the new Wal Mart policy is seen with this article. It attempts to follow TX law that virtually bans all abortions, chemical and surgical. Pharmacists are instructed to decline to fill any explicit abortifacients, and that if used for a genuine medical purpose, the prescriber must indicate on the Rx what the diagnosis code (ICD-10) is.

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